Global Welding Supplies can assist, in conjunction with our Suppliers, in the preparation of welding procedures for full and semi-automatic welding, as well as manual metal arc welding. This can be done for any type o f welding project.

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A Queensland company with outlets in Mt Isa, Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone, Brisbane and Cairns, Global Welding Supplies offers a comprehensive range and can supply welding equipment and consumables anywhere in Australia without delay.

In recent years, the business has devloped a large export base into the mining sectors of Papua New Guinea, China and South East Asia.
In August 2010 the company opened a branch in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia trading as Global Minespec LLC. We are ideally situated to become preferred suppliers servicing the rapdily expanding mining industry in the area.

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The commitment of Global Welding Supplies to provide to our customers, the highest quality welding, cutting & joining products which have been manufactured to strict international standards.We will be driven by customer satisfaction & become known as a company who provides quality items with full technical back up.

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Electrode Lincoln Fleetweld 5P 4.0mm
$475.79 ex GST
Electrode Lincoln Fleetweld 5P 4.0mm
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A great choice for pipe root runs and also for stick welding dirty, rusty, greasy or painted steel - especially in vertical or overhead applications. This versatile, fast freeze electrode offers excellent arc stability. This product is a long-time favourite among operators who handle cross-country and in-plant pipe welding.
ClassificatioN: AS/NZS 4855:-B E4310 A AWS A5.1: E6010
Size: 4.0mm
Pack Size: 22.68kg


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